Tuesday, February 9, 2010

new warnings and advices

We are very happy to have so many people registered. However, this forces us to send to all participants a group of messages and warnings in order to achieve a smooth and well-organized tournament. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. maximum number of players is 160: you risk not being able to play, specially if you don't pay in advance - please let us know if you will not be attending so somebody else can register

2. registration and attendance confirmation closes at 9:45 : you risk not being paired for round 1

3. attendance confirmation on Sunday morning too

4. please use the drop-out poster

5. extra term (until Friday, February 19) for advance payment

6. bar mariona, new meeting point (wanzhen restaurant closed)

We are sorry if some of these warnings sound a bit too hard and unfriendly, but we prefer that you know the situation and cooperate. We are confident this tournament will be really enjoyable. Thanks for your understandin.

Last, but not least, we are happy to announce that Catalin Taranu 5p will be the teaching professional. We wanted to thank all of you for your enthusiastic response.

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