Monday, February 8, 2010

1st round pairings at 9:45

Late registration (not guaranteed) and attendance confirmation closes at 9:45. Everyone MUST confirm his attendance in order to be paired in the first round.

This has been on the schedule since the beginning, but we want to emphasize it: You have to pay and confirm your attendance (just say hello, that's me) on the registration desk before 9:45. Otherwise you won't be paired for the 1st round. This is to avoid having people paired that get to know 30 minutes after the round started that their opponent could not come that morning.

Please don't make 160 people wait for you, or let somebody who may come from abroad without an opponent.

In order to speed up on-site registration and attendance confirmation, please check out and remember your registration number. For example, Jordi Urmeneta is registered player #001.

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