Friday, November 20, 2009


We recommend alberguinn youth hostel.

It's nice, clean, cheap, and not far from the tournament venue, and can be a meeting point for the players coming to the tournament. Just tell them you are attending the go tournament, so you are assigned a room with other GO players.

If you have made a reservation please tell us it in the comments section (or by email) so that you get in touch with other players.

Metro line 3 links the hostel (pla├ža del centre station) with the tournament venue. Bus line 54 goes through a similar route, but it may probably be slower.


  1. Please advise if there is the closest hotel to the venue other than alberguinn youth hostel.

  2. there is a hotel called "catalonia rigoletto" nearby. if you plan to attend nightly social events at chinese restaurant, then you may prefer "nh podium"