Wednesday, October 14, 2009


- MacMahon 5 rounds
- Time: 60 min main + byoyomi 5 min / 20 stones (or 7 periods of 20 seconds)
- Ruleset: japanese, as it is published in english at and translated to spanish at

EGF ratings will be applied strictly. Prevent the organizers at least 2 weeks in advance if you have a consistent reason against that.

Rounds are expected to start on time. This means that registration will close at 9:45 on Saturday. Please pay in advance, there are several methods provided. Players are required to confirm attendance before the day first round (rounds 1 and 4), otherwise won't be paired.
Players that do not take part on a round without in advance notification will be dropped from the tournament.
We hope you understand these hard policies, it's not nice to have 106 people waiting for the round to start because somebody did not arrange earlier, or to have somebody without opponent (unfortunately we always have 2 or more of such cases).

Referees: Marc Gonzalez, Cesar Sanchez, Lluis (Eunkeun) Oh.

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