Tuesday, February 16, 2010

attendance confirmation procedure

In order to speed up the attendance confirmation and late registration on Saturday, we have decided on the following procedure:

Players who have preregistered and paid their fee, will confirm their attendance at the desk in the building entrance. They will be paired automatically for the 1st round.

Players who have to pay something should go directly to the registration desk, queue #1 (priority).

Players who have not preregistered should also go to the registration desk, queue #2. Registration is subject to availability (max capacity 160 players).

Please remember your registration number and have it available in order to speed up the player search on the printed lists. The number can be found on the registration lists available on this website and that will be posted on the walls near the desks.

On Sunday attendance confirmation is done by just circling the player name on the list posted at the registration desk.

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