Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catalin Taranu 5p, teaching professional

The tournament organizers wanted to thank all the participants for their massive response. We thought that a good thing to offer would be having a teaching professional at the playing venue. We have therefore decided to bring one of the most famous professionals in the European go scene, who also has an excellent reputation as a teacher.

So, Catalin Taranu, 5 dan professional from the Nihon Kiin will be available at the playing venue. He will stay in a separate room 1 hour after the round start, so that players can bring their games for public analysis and commentary.

He will also be in charge of the workshop on Friday night at the GO club (not the tournament playing venue).

We have decided to make his activities outside the tournament venue non-free. Therefore, attendance to his lectures at the GO club will require an affordable and fair contribution. An extra fee will be necessary to take part in the simultaneous games. Details soon.

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