Friday, February 5, 2010

teaching activities

The teaching activities by Catalin Taranu 5p outside the tournament venue will take place at the la pedra GO club, and will be as follows:

Friday, February 19:
  • 16:00 : simultaneous games
  • 20:00 : workshop
  • 22:00 : simultaneous games
Saturday, February 20:
  • 21:30 : simultaneous games
Sunday, February 21:
  • 18:00 : thorough and detailed commentary of a tournament deciding game
  • 19:00 : simultaneous games
Entrance to the GO club facilities will cost 6€ on Friday, 2€ on Saturday, and 3€ on Sunday for players registered for the tournament or la pedra club members (other players will have a +50% surcharge). A forfait allowing attendance to the 3 sessions will be available for 8€. Players willing to play on the simultaneous should add 5€ per game.

It is already possible to make reservations for Catalin lectures. Seats for the simultaneous are available on a first come - first served basis. Just email the organizers (Marc). These fees are subject to modification, but we guess they will not change much.

Actually he will be available since Thursday afternoon, therefore if you are in Barcelona at that time and want to have a lecture with him on Thursday night or Friday morning that is of course possible.

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